3. Forbidden Videos by Madonna

These are the famous videos the Church hates, I accidentally found them on youtube. There are 2 that I know of.   The links did work when I first put them on.  I was curious to what was in them to be so offensive so I watched it, I was suprised to find it was an event to help the poor in Africa.  Personally I do not think Madonna intended harm by the cross video. This is the same song I comment on with the  "Truth To Tell"---Im going to hit control v--"  16. Truth To Tell: The words of this song ring within my life. I grew up in the catholic world thinking i was in the best religion man could have. But later in life I saw the beauty of Asia and India, i found out many of the things i learned as a Catholic were not true at all and that catholics were attacking the beauty I had just found. i looked deeper and found the spirituality is far deeper and superior than what I had been. catholicism or christianity is trying to kill and has literally wages spiritual and physical war on these peaceful people. all of the things i learned about hinduism when i was a kid are lies and most people today still believe them. now science is uncovering essene ruines and ruines in India on land and in the sea that dispell the myths. infact the Essene ruins show early Christianity to be vegetarian, land satelite images reveal Hindu scriptures are not the farces that Christians would like us to believe." the truth is never far behind" at he end of the video. even if truth is in a horse and carriage it will catch up with our fast paced life, it will burn in our hearts none the less. see my blog for my attempt to dispell the lies(2): the following link is the song:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzAO9A9GjgI
 1. ONE   Live To Tell Confessions: This is the one with Madonna on the Cross, it is to raise money for the starving in Africa, it is not supposed to be an insult to the Cross, scripture is quoted to encourage people to reach out to the poor:


2. TWO Like a Prayer: This one Madonna kisses Christ or a saint, she is immodest for a Church setting but seriously I have seen worse dress on women  during Mass in Catholic Churches.The message is nice and even touching but I can see how the kissing could offend. It is a beautiful but imperfect piece of artwork. It is supposed to be a dream, unfortunately much of American TV or videos are immodest and Americans and Europeans are no longer known for the  modesty religion used to teach. I have seen worse and the Church did not complain about them, I think Madonna is a big star so the Church had to comment about it, also based on her songs she may have been Catholic and left the Church which Im sure the Church does not like.
2.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79fzeNUqQbQ&ob=av3e

Christ may have asked his followers to refrain from eating meat, he was likely an Essene- they were found to be vegetarians. Here is a link to a sample of the Scripture Christ may have intended to be original-- what we have now in the Bible may be changed from the original! perhaps it is ironic that we eat animals on all of Christs feast-days!   http://papalmass.blogspot.com/p/sample-of-gospel-of-holy-12.html" 8. Blessed are ye who abstain from all things gotten by bloodshed and death, and fulfill all righteousness: Blessed are ye, for ye shall attain to Beatitude." -Jesus Christ
Please feel free to leave comments on why you approve or disapprove of these videos in this page. I may add your comment to this page. 

3.  American Life:  This video was made before the Iraq war and it was pulled off the air by Madonna out of respect for the soldiers in Iraq. It was supposed to air around the time the war started but it was cancelled. This was a decision Madonmna made herself. Herself she stands for peace and the video is a criticism of some aspects of American culture; it was not really intended as a specific stand on Iraq.   It is an interesting video. I have the song with the regular Madonna videos but this is a different video. This video puts a different light on what the song. means.   http://youtu.be/QFEwxBZSDRo

3B This is the unedited version. It is the same song but I warn you that the video is very graphic with war images. We can gleam from this that war is something to be avoided.   I do not know how long this video will be available.
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/weCQ6ahu92g" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>