Commentary on Madonna and the Catholic Church

     I recently found about Madonna so I did not know that she was excommunicated from the Catholic Church.  I have these videos on a seperate page (page 3) out of respect for Catholic viewers.  Feel free to leave comments on that page for or against the videos.  I find that to some Catholic people the very mention of Madonna brings bad feelings or disgust.  Madonna has videos from many different spiritual origins but they do not seem to be objectionable so I added them to my list of songs, she does seem to be open minded to other faiths, perhaps she is searching for an answer that Catholicism did not or could not address.
     The Church objected to Madonna showing herself on a Cross as Christ, as well as kissing  or being kissed by Jesus or a saint. In India the Catholic Church asks hindu converts to stomp on images of Hindu deities. They often pay Hindus to convert to Catholicism, they go to the poorest districts and use unethical conversion tactics-- this is Catholics not just the protestants or odd groups! I will leave a link to a page discussing what is going on:
     Just the fact the Church is in India and other areas trying to convert natives shows they think they are superior to others, but the worst part is that they encourage the sin of desecration when stomping on religious objects.  If you stomped on a crucifix or the blessed sacrament it would be a sin, right?  What ever happened to the golden rule in the Bible or common respect?  Because the Church claims special knowledge and they claim to be the salvation of the world means that they should set a better example than the rest and be consistent.  Also there is evidence Jesus Christ was a vegetarian and asked His followers not to eat meat but it is suggested that  Rome removed what He said from the Bible around 300 ad. to convert the Romans who loved to eat meat.  A lot of Hindus do not eat meat but most all Catholics do, who is really following the word of God here?  There are other religions that eat meat but they dont try to convert the world, they also do not claim special knowledge to the extent that they insult and attack other faiths. They could eat twice as much of it but not half as guilty as the catholic Church because the church claims to have more of the truth than any one else on earth when it comes to spiritual values. If they are wrong about meat eating and Christ forbade it it could destroy the Church- the Pope would have to run for his life.
     I call on the Church to excommunicate those priests who ask people to stomp on religious articles from other faiths and I ask that Catholics stop spreading un-truths about Hinduism.  I also call on all good Catholics to write to their Bishop about this and protest the conversions of all kinds in India and stop the non-sence.  The Catholics want to be treated with respect but do not want to respect others in return. 
     The Church may see bad days in the future for these sins, they may claim they are being treated unfairly but there is such a thing as karma.  You reap what you sow.  If they do not apologize and change they may see people turn on them en- mass some day.  They claim to have all of the religion needed to get you to Heaven and they have claimed they are superior to others or the best out there, no religion has the right to do what they are doing. There are some very desireable things Jesus left the Catholics with but not to be sold like a cheap toy in a store. I think the Mass is one of these things but I do not feel comfortable ever going into a Catholic Church again  until the Church apologizes and changes its behavior towards other religions and ways of life that differ from catholicism.
     I realize Madonna is not perfect, I like Madonna though, I see a spiritual side to her or at least her videos. She doesnt claim to be perfect and she is not, I hope she finds her path to God and happiness.