Sunday, December 23, 2012

2012 Die Another Day

This is my comment about the so called Doomsday predictions of 2012.  Well they did not happen and I did not expect them to happen.The elite will or is trying to put fear into us and they want to hold us in bondage. They want to kill off the new ideas of freedom and liberty that people are discovering. What are these freedoms? 1. Men and women are equal and the marriage system the elite or Church set up is falling apart because it is a slavery for women. They took the Bible literally and ignored the allegory about men being over women. Women realized their freedom and this so called institution collapsed because it was not really marriage. According to spiritual science Men and Women are equal- one is not to dominate over the other. That is conquering not marriage. 2. Political control by the Elite: The elite are still at the top but people are getting wise to them. We escaped the feudal control of the Church but the money power is still in place. The Church is the largest land-owner on earth and now this power is weakening because people are leaving the Churches for anything they can find. To escape monetary bondage we may consider buying silver, not gold because gold is the money of the elite. The Christian elite artificially drove the price of silver down for centuries to weaken India and China so they could invade them which they did. By driving the price of silver down the business men and people of Asia lost economic power because their money was worth less than it was. The Chinese word for money is silver.3.  Spiritual control: Churches in the west dropped spiritual practices in the 300-400ad. era that make people independant and self sufficient. Reincarnation and meditation was dropped and replaced with a less desireable counterfeit. Fear of Hell everlasting replaced karma and reincarnation. Anyone who disagreed was dealt with severly in the inquisition which spread worldwide. We are freeing ourselves from this now but we still do not have true spiritual wisdom returned to us. Jesus or rathr Jeheshua's vegetarianism was replaced with meat eating and drunkenness and empty ritituals. They tought that even God has to die to redeem our sins. These errors are slow to die because true history was destroyed by Rome. Meat eating caused people to live more in the carnal desires and those people are easier to control. Their reactions are esily predicted.4. Military control and control by fear: There is fear and love. If you do not do what the elite says you either go to hell or they make you a hell here on earth. They make you fear the terrorists, or fear some lone shooter, or fear losing your money or home.
   We are entering a new age. Rome has only one Pope left then people will realize the fraud that exists in all of the Churches and that has been in the west for over 1500 years. In the following song the artwork represents the art in the Vatican that will be collateral damage when Rome falls.Also built into the Vatican is the ancient symbolism disguised as art showing that someone in the Vatican knows the ancient arts and sciences of mysticism. These weapons are within the art and in the video you see them take weapons from the displays. Both use weapons from the same displays showing that it is a spiritual warfare we wage and the spiritual weapons can be used for good or evil.  The Church as well as big Business use these weapons hiding them from us but we are discovering them as the new age of Acquarius comes into being. The electric chair is for you and I; as we are born they hope to kill us spiritually and keep spirituality away from us but time will show they cannot do this forever and we will run free. When it all ends we will not be there because the command of time is going against the Elite. This will play out in the Vatican and unless they come clean as Fatima asked them to and reveal the secret and fix the errror. Our Lady of fatima has stern warnings for the Church, no where else has heaven addressed a religion so badly with such warning. Only the Ctholic Church because they took error and asserted it as the highest truth. They forced it on the whole world destroying more nations than any other nation on earth. Fatima also talked about the destruction of nations but Russia takes a back seat to the destruction waged by the Church.

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